Museu del Fang

Carrer del Molí, 4
Sa Cabaneta - Marratxí
Tel 971797624

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The Pottery Museum was opened in 2002 to display the wealth of techniques, forms and functions that cultures have given to ceramic pieces, present in societies from all eras and origins around the world, given that they were developed and still play a fundamental role in humanity's needs.
The museum initially focused on traditional Majorcan pottery, and very specifically on the clay pottery from our municipality. Some of these pieces have fallen out of use in the modern day, have disappeared or are in danger of disappearing, due to their replacement in industrial societies by other materials. This is what makes it so important to exhibit them and safeguard them.

The Museum collection

The collection at the Pottery Museum consists of some 900 pieces, of which 400 are traditional pottery and the rest display a wide range of artistic techniques using clay. It also has a section of pottery tools and implements, which have fortunately been added to the museum collection before they could disappear forever.
We have classified traditional works according to their origins: pottery, vases & pitchers, siullers (traditional clay figures with whistles), brickwork, Arabic plates, painted ceramics... and these have in turn been divided into sections dedicated to their functionality and other aspects: kitchen utensils, ornamentation, toys, man and water, construction items.

Our proposal for coming to the museum consists of visiting the pottery workshops of Sa Cabaneta and Pòrtol and an educational activity for students, where they will have the chance to participate in a clay workshop. The Museum should be understood as a starting point, which is then complemented by touring the pottery studios, vase makers and siuller crafters in our municipality. This will give visitors the opportunity to acquire some of the pieces that are housed at the museum from the shops of the craftsmen and women who create them from clay.