Ca n'Antonia

C/ Cas Canonge, 41
07141 Pòrtol - Marratxí
Tel 971 797 635
615 273 281
Fax 971 602 361

Workshop & shop opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8,30-13,30 and 15 -19,30
Saturday: 8,30 - 13,30


Antònia Amengual Cañellas, master craftswoman of siurells (traditional Majorcan clay figures / whistles), with certificate num. 820, has continued the family pottery tradition and trade since she was a young girl. She learned to craft siurells at the side of her mother, Francisca Cañellas Roig.
Daughter and granddaughter of potters, Antònia Amengual married Bernat Amengual Reynés in 1987, one of the owners of the Olleria Cas Canonge. And through their joint enterprise, they continue producing siurells and participating at the Marratxí Pottery Trade Fairs and other markets and fairs on the island of Majorca.
In 2005, Antònia Amengual and Bernat Amengual created the company Siurells Ca n'Antònia. Starting at that time, these siurells have been displayed at their own stand at all subsequent years of the Pottery Trade Fair and others.
At Siurells Ca n'Antònia, located within the Olleria Cas Canonge, you can find a wide range of different siurells, both the traditional whitewashed figures that are then painted in colourful stripes, and more innovative modern ones. If you don't find the exact siurell you would like, you can order it to be custom made.