Pere Coll

C/ Cals Ollers, 23
Pòrtol - Marratxí
Tel. 971 602 746


The Gerreria Pere Coll opened its doors on 4 March 1996. Since that time, it has upheld its handcrafted production, investigating and creating pieces that are a harmonious blend of pieces from the past and its own style, falling between art and modernity.

At present, there is an artisan workshop with an innovative collection of designer lamps and wall lamps, as well as other traditional pieces. He also works with artists Miquel Barceló and Josef Nadj, with whom he has travelled to different cities around the world with their joint work 'Pasodoble'. The cities include New York, Paris, London, Toulouse, Venice, Cordoba, Madrid and Barcelona. They also took 'Pasodoble' to the city of Mali for the production of the documentary film directed by Isaki Lacuesta.

The contributions of Pere Coll have given his pieces and the work of his hands to mould the clay an identifying trait that are highly valued today in different cities around the world and by many different artists.