L'Albelló - Es Porxet

C/ Major, 168
Tel. 971 797 285 shop/ 971 602 038 workshop

Workshop & shop opening hours

Monday a Saturdays: 9,30 am-14,00 pm and 16,00 to-20,00 pm


The ceramic tradition in Majorca is deeply rooted, and this is especially true in Pòrtol. From the 19th century to the mid-20th century, there were over twenty pottery workshops located in the village. However, with the 'invasion' of new cookware (aluminium pots, glass ceramics and other more modern implements), traditionally-crafted ceramics have been relegated to a more decorative -than useful- level. For this reason, not all of the pottery workshops have disappeared; some of them have endured and some new ones have even been founded, like ours, combining ancestral forms and colours that will always remind us of our grandparents' work.

Our small workshop in Pòrtol is run by three of us, three sisters, where we combine the knowledge and skills inherited from our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents -we are the fourth generation working with clay- with contemporary studies at the Palma de Mallorca Arts School.

Our work is also endorsed by the certificate of Master Craftswomen, which is issued by the Council of the Balearic Islands.
The fact that our ceramics are handcrafted means that there is limited production, although several tasks have now been automated. Thus, our pottery is started and completed with manual processes, where the results are unique styles with respect to shapes and designs, but imbued in turn with a more contemporary feeling. Please feel free to come by our worship in Pòrtol if you would like to obtain our products. You can find us in a century-old brick house on Carrer Major 45. This home was used until recently to produce sweet and spicy red pepper that was used in producing pork products after the yearly slaughter. It was also used as a storehouse for almonds and artichokes from the surrounding fields that were grown by the Can Calet family.

The house is still in the same condition in which it was built, following the lines of traditional Majorcan homes, with a living area inside the door, a kitchen with its typical fireplace and a first floor divided into two bedrooms. Where the chicken coop once stood, you can now see two splendid prickly pear cacti, very common in the village.

In order to make our shop more well-rounded and spice it up, in 2006 we completely refurbished it, adding new spaces in which you can find different products for home decoration and personal beauty and care, to name just a few.
Firstly, we must point out a space that houses contemporary art in general, but above all contemporary pottery and ceramics. This space, which we named 'Albelló 45 - Contemporary Pottery Space', created and run by artist Rafel Sunyer, has met with great acceptance from the general public and adds an air of sophistication to the area. You can come to see and acquire the best contemporary pottery by this artist, which are also sold on different markets.

If you do not find the exact pottery item that you are looking for, you can have it commissioned and custom designed by visiting our website, ringing or popping into our shop on Carrer Major 45 in Pòrtol and we will be delighted to produce your order as soon as possible.