Can Vich

C/ Major, 3.
Pòrtol - Marratxí
Telf: 644 030 143


Workshop & shop opening hours


Sa Teulera de Can Vich is a 1400-m2 pottery workshop that was constructed in 1958 entirely from clay bricks, tiles, pottery wheels and test beams, which were all made at the former workshop the family had in the village centre.
In 1994 Antoni Vich Bota -fourth generation- took over the workshop. Antoni never stops learning and better educating himself in the potters' trade, taking courses, attending conferences and travelling to see pottery around the world... .The current items produced at Sa Teulera are: balusters, open tile work, restoration of architecture, contemporary pottery and ceramics.
He has combined his dual passions for music and pottery by creating stunning instruments crafted from clay: ocarinas, udus, marimbas, didgeridoos, etc. Instruments that are masterfully refined and tuned with perfect timbre.
Sa Teulera is valuable from an ethnological viewpoint: Storerooms from different lands, all types of machines from the first industrial era -the majority constructed by the family itself- four wood-burning kilns, one of which is an Arabic kiln.