Ca Na Margalida

C/ Sa Roca Llisa, 24
07141 Pòrtol - Marratxí
Telf 971602497 - 609747162
Fax 971602102

Workshop & shop opening hours

From Monday to Friday: 10am to 13,30 pm
i 16 to 19,30pm
Saturday 10h to 14h.


Na Margalida Serra Crespí holds certification as a master craftswoman of siurells (Majorcan clay figures with whistles) no. 952, awarded by the Government of the Balearic Islands.
Within the family tradition of crafting clay and within the learning that Margalida has within the world of decorative and handcrafted ceramics, there is another trade as siurellera, which she was taught as a young child at the Olleria Sa Roca Llisa.
And here -at the Olleria Sa Roca Llisa- is where Margalida has her siurell workshop and shop, created by following a fully artisan process.
You will find a wide range of these delightful clay figures with their characteristic whitewash and red and green stripes, from the most traditional to the most modern, and in many different sizes. You can also commission a custom-designed siurell.
And if you are interested, Margalida can even teach you, so that you can make your very own.